Sunday, August 29, 2010


So, in order to give a bit of an insight into the kinds of things that I like, please find following a list of podcasts that I really enjoy:

Cast Macabre

  • Short dark fiction/horror stories. This podcast is already in its tens of episodes and provides work by new authors, established authors as well as old classics including Bram Stoker and HG Wells.


  • Seth Harwood - the first name in crime podcasting. Mr Harwood puts together an awesome podcast of short, crime fiction including procedurals and heist stories. Fantastic.

Escape Pod

  • The original Escape Artists podcast, specialising in science fiction and exploring the genre in all its many forms. Pure awesome.


  • The second of the Escape Artists podcasts, this time specialising in horror. High production values and a whole heap of different content.

Pod Castle

  • The third and final of the Escape Artists podcasts. Pod Castle specialises in fantasy.

Scott Sigler Audiobooks

  • Mr Sigler, is currently recasting Ancestor, a science fiction novel exploring some of the issues around creation/resurrection of a species through genetic manipulation for the purposes of organ harvesting. His work has a fantastic scientific basis, and the other stories within the "Siglerverse" including Infected, Contagious, Earthcore are equally as awesome.

Mike Bennett

  • Mr Bennett is currently working through Underwood and Flinch, a vampire novel set in Spain (and no sparkles). I love his dark sense of humour that comes through in this and other stories, such as One Among the Sleepless, and his Hall or Mirrors collections (1 and 2).

Transmissions from Beyond

  • Transmissions podcasts short stories from a bunch of TTA Press magazines, including Black Static (Dark/Horror), Interzone (SF) and Crimewave (Crime). Great podcasts, coming out roughly on a monthly basis.


First Post... the post that hurts the most...

The following blog is designed to be somewhat of a chronicle of my adventures in writing, and maybe a few rants as well. Whilst I intend to be posting fairly regularly (time will tell however), I'd like to keep things fairly frequent. Arguably, it's an excuse for vanity publishing, but I guess thems the breaks.

Now, about the title of the blog. South Latitude 47° 9', West Longitude 126° 43' is the location of R'lyeh, H.P. Lovecraft's nightmare corpse-city and home to perhaps his most famous creation, Cthulhu. For some light reading refer to his short story "Call of Cthulhu" or check it out in Wikipedia.

If you refer to its location on Google Maps, you'll see that it's the middle of freakin' nowhere, roughly in between South America and New Zealand, smack bang in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. Now that's remote.

And now about me - I'm a psychologist, working in Queensland, doing some private work and also working within the Queensland Government. I specialise within areas of child and adolescent psychology, and also do some mentoring as well. My interests include home renovation, writing (horro and science fiction typically), web design, theatre, science, cooking and art. In terms of the arts I love the lowbrow styles and also have an interest in maker culture.