Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A return, of sorts

After what feels like an unfathomable amount of time (it seems to be pattern forming), I've started writing again. It's taken me even longer to put up a post.

This year has been a very steep learning curve, full of some absoltuely amazing times and successful moments, like getting married (woot!), entering into private practice and really knuckling down with savings, tempered with some experiences that somewhat battered my self-concept, like  some challenging interactions with others, having change my goals and to scale back private practice, and returning somewhat less than triumphant to a previous employer, and the uncertainty of contract work.

The advice coming from a situation like this (with all of the caveats about this being only the author's opinion, etc) is that if you have some hinky gut feelings about somone or something, the approach it with a bit of caution, and work at it slowly, not charge ahead. Chalk it up to experience.

Now, I'm thinking that you probably didn't come here to read about these gripes, so how about we follow this post with a Drabble? For the uninitiated, a Drabble is a short peice of fiction consisting of 100 words exactly. Presenting "Gary's tension," and let's hope that it's not so long between drinks this time around


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